Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kitchen Cure 2009 | Update #1

I'm still doing the AT Kitchen Cure, although I keep kind of jumping around instead of doing it in the order they are. Whatever, I'm almost done and thought I'd start updating you on my progress. Because you care. In case you forgot. I would probably be further along if I did something other than watch Battlestar Galactica on the couch with Craig every day. Details.

Look how much happier my freezer is! I put a few things in mason jars so that they can sit happier in the freezer door. As in, they don't fall out on me. Also I finally got around to buying a shelf. Oh, and I ground all my bread crusts into crumbs and put them in the bread crumb jar. They take up less space that way.

The top of my fridge had been collecting items that live on very high shelves. Clearly these items need to be in reach so I found other homes for them and put different things on the very high shelves. Hopefully these things don't end up on top of the fridge...

This is my corner cupboard. As famously (or infamously) seen on The Kitchn. I got rid of a bunch of things I didn't really use, and stacked things in a way that I have high hopes of working better.

More to come soon! Can you wait?