Friday, April 3, 2009

Local | Jerseyland Organics

If you live in BC (and maybe other places, I don't know) you should check out Jerseyland Organics. They are a family owned and operated dairy farm out in Grand Forks. And their cheese is heaven.

They make great yogurt. It's non homogenized and doesn't have anything but milk and cultures (other than the flavours of course). The cream on the top is fun and mixes in nice. It has a great creamy flavour with just enough tang to be a yummy yogurt.

They have a bunch of different cheeses, my favourites so far are the Gouda with Carraway and Gouda with Peppercorn. Excellent sandwich cheese.

By their webpage (and excellent products) it seems that they care a lot about their cows and about delivering quality food. I want to stop in and see the dairy next time I'm out that direction!