Monday, April 13, 2009

My Kitchen | Easter Weekend

(That would be me, my Dad, and my cousin Barb. And a couple not so lively chickens)

Hope you guys had a great Easter Weekend! It's a four day weekend up here (but in my world I got two and a half...better than average) and we went to my parent's farm in Creston. It was a very foodie weekend and it will take a few posts to catch you up but there was cheese making, pasta making, lamb and ribs and seafood eating but most notably there were 40 chickens who met their demise.

My friends said "But isn't Easter more for the baby chicks?". Um yes well that would certainly be cuter...but less good for soup. Anyway I'll post more tomorrow, but tonight I am just happy to be home and clean and off my feet. G'night!