Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Links | Pressure Canning

(this is my mom explaining pressure canning to my cousin)

I've always been slightly afraid of pressure canners. Because they can explode. I know this because when I was a teenager my mom asked me to watch the pressure canner for a bit. And because I was a teenager I didn't actually watch it at all. And it blew the top off.


(I wasn't really paying attention)

However much like my fear of sturgeons, it was time to put my fear of pressure canning behind me. Because there's only so much soup that will fit in my freezer. So I borrowed my mom's canner for a bit and guess what? So far no explosions. Finger's crossed.

(Because I was totally distracted by my nephew. Hi Baby!)

Pressure canning is pretty cool because it allows you to can things with less acid, like beans and soup. I however am no expert at this, so I will refer you over to my parent's food blog where my mom wrote a great article about pressure canning. Because she is the expert. Click Here.