Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kitchen Cure 2009 | Meet My Kitchen

So this is the starting point for my Kitchen Cure. (Barb and Kait are both signed up and you still can too!). Skip this post if you don't care what's in my cupboards. Otherwise it will be fun, like watching Cribs...kind of....


Here's the problems. My kitchen? She is small. There is not a lot of storage and what there is is mostly too high to reach without a stool. Some is too high to reach without a chair. (thus the things stacked on the fridge, because I can reach them). The cupboards are too weak to hold up canning and there are no plug-ins that are on a wall and by a counter (Thus the appliances on the floor). That's a bucket of flour beside the garbage.

Cold Storage:

My fridge is messy...because I need to clean it. My freezer is messy because it is not working for me! My big freezer lives in my living room (sexy) to keep it from the bear. It's organized fine, it's just sad as an endtable.

Upper Cupboards:

The first one is over the fridge. And I can't reach it. The second is over the stove. I can reach the front of it. The third is over the sink. I just rearranged it and I like it. The last is my only full sized cupboard. I have no idea what's on the top shelf because again, I can't reach it.

Lower Cupboards:

These are scary. SCARY. But you can see that.


Nice Drawer
Nice Drawer
Nice Drawer
DRAWER OF DEEEEATH (where plastic bags live)

Bonus Round:

I have a row of Ikea canisters on my counter (as well as some vintage tin ones on top of the fridge). I have canning on the bottom of all my bookcases. 6 of them. I have a pantry in my bathroom. Because there is a little ledge. It is open to my kitchen and easier to reach than my stupid cupboards.

I also have a canner and some other things stored in the bedroom closet. The only closet.

Suggestions anyone?