Monday, April 20, 2009

My Kitchen | Sandwiches are beautiful...

I've been eating a lot more sandwiches these days. Since I started making my own bread that is. I used to be very "meh" about sandwiches but something about my bread and the nice quality cheese and some real butter...apparently it wasn't the sandwiches that were to fault, it was the ingredients. So now I wander around singing Raffi songs about them.

I have convinced Craig that sandwiches don't need meat. This one has some yummy cucumbers, some peppercorn gouda, some almost tomatoey tomatoes (oh summer, come and bring me my veggies!) and of course butter and mayo.

Perfect for a picnic on the lawn.

By which I mean we just sat on the ground and ate our sandwiches, because it was too sunny to sit inside.