Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TV | 100 Mile Challenge

Did any of you tune into the first episode of 100 Mile Challenge on Food TV last Sunday? I happened to be watching food tv (as is so often the case) and caught it by accident. And I was happily intrigued. It is hosted by the authors of 100 Mile Diet and follows six families in Mission BC who eat food from within 100 miles for 100 days. If you are interested you can watch the first episode here.

I am always amused by this as we don't actually use miles. But 100 kilometers isn't as much territory I guess.

Anyway, I will be tuning in to the next 5 episodes in this miniseries and am very excited to have a local food show on, especially one that is in my general location. It is tragic to keep reading local seasonal blog that are all about the winter citrus. I miss lemons.

Moving on, the show have a blog which is fairly interesting as it highlights some Canadian food producers and seasonal recipes. They also have a local food map thing, which is not all that helpful as it is waaaay less than comprehensive. I am sure that there are more than three food producers in my area. In fact I have met more than three. Still it's a good idea, and I am fully in support of any and all local eating initiatives.