Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Kitchen | Mozza Love

I guess technically this was my parent's kitchen. I have been wanting to make cheese ever since reading Animal Vegetable Miracle last year. My parents caught the bug too and ordered a starter kit that they got just before Easter. We decided to try 30 Minute Mozzarella for our first experiment because it looked pretty easy. Mom took the photos, so you get to see me at work :P.

First you have to warm the milk and add citric acid, and then later the rennet. This is me looking for curds. I am not finding any because Mom decided to wing it (cheese making is apparently more science than art form) and we found that no, citric acid is not equivilant to lemon juice.

We then cooled the milk, reheated it and added a lot more lemon juice (after I looked up the conversions) and a bit more rennet. And we got curds!

Then I pressed the whey out.

We microwaved the curds for a few seconds at a time, pressing out the whey and kneading the very hot curds in between. We added salt after the second heating.

This is Dad trying to stretch a bit like taffy, but we never quite got there.

Kneading the curds is for people with hands of steel. Or gloves. I had neither.

When the curds had become a fairly glossy cheeseness we rolled them into little mozza balls. Very yummy!

These were a lot of fun, but to me didn't taste as good as the mozza in the store. There is another recipe that has a culture added that would probably match what my tastebuds were looking for.