Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gardening | Garden Update!

I am a busy bee over here. Working on a couple webpages, doing some art and then I decided to participate in an local art event...on Sunday. So I'm getting prints ready to sell and I've come up with some hopefully adorable bird plushies (printed off the computer) that are all hung up and drying right now. Then tomorrow I'm off to Cranbrook to visit Barb and buy more ink and more magnetic paper...and maybe more photo paper.

In the meanwhile, here's how my garden grows, there's kinda lot of photos, so click through if you want to see it all:

Basil (had my first batch of pesto this week....mmmmm):

Purple Basil (a big hit with slugs!):

Tomatoes! (I have eaten 3 so far):

Tiny baby green pepper:

Salad Mix (have been eating for a while now):


Swiss Chard & Potatoes:


Peter Pan Squash:





Oregano (only a small portion :P):