Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Kitchen | Updates

I have been neglecting you guys, and I am sorry. Here's the excitement in my foodie world lately:

- Asparagus Season is here! The local asparagus farm starting selling yumminess last Wednesday when we were down at my parents and I came home with 12 pounds. That would be both my crispers full to the brim. So expect lots of asparagusy yummy posts this month!

- We are going to garden this summer! Craig does not yet have a job (booo!) so were are staying where we are for now. Luckily where we are is very nice and our upstairs neighbours are only using half of their garden. They haven't used the other half recently so we (and more Craig than me) have been spending a lot of time pulling weeds. Well it's more like removing sod, actually. Apparently May long weekend is supposed to be planting time in these here parts so we'll be out to the greenhouse later this week. I'm very excited.

- The Aquafit class I teach was cancelled for the summer, and some of the lovely ladies in my class gave me the Whitewater At Home cookbook which I have been drooling over since it came out a couple months ago. Soooo pretty. I'll post a review when I've done more cooking from it.

What has been going on in you foodie world? Any new projects? Any gardens? Tell!