Monday, May 4, 2009

Kitchen Cure 2009 | Update #2

More organizing fun!

So this cupboard was a big pain before, just a lot of random stuff. To start with I actually bought a proper compost container. It's ceramic and is suposed to not smell? It was the only non plastic one I could find. I also bought a shelf and put a bunch of little things (appliance attachtments and such) in a container under it. I made a really cute bag keeper (photos to come) so the random bags are gone. Much less ucky under there now.

I decided that if I keep ending up with appliances out here I should just stop fighting it and make some room for them (except my crock pot...because as it turns out I hate it). Ditto with the teapot that kept ending up on top of the fridge instead of being put away properly on it's very high shelf. I sorted my cookbooks and put some in another room as well as the canning which is in other bookcases. This will be a problem when I start canning again, it all barely fits now that I did chicken soup recently. Where will pickled asparagus go? No one knows.