Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gardening | Getting Started

So we are very excited to start gardening this year, especially as we didn't think we would be able to. But it seems that we will be staying here for the summer and also that our land lady is more than happy to share her garden space as she was only going to use half anyways!

Here it is, now that we've gotten all the millions of weeds off. You can see that half of it was tarped, but apparently they had given up on the other half, so it was quite a bit of work to get ready. There's a rhubarb and a chive plant in the corner that I hope we can raid.

Then today we went to Family Tree Gardening in Thrums. Because word on the street said that they were a good place to hang out. We got most of the bedding plants we were looking for and they now live on my sewing desk. So much for sewing until the weather warms up enough to plant!

Here's what we picked up:

4 basil plants (should I have gotten more? Eeee)
1 cilantro
1 parsley
1 rosemary

1 cayenne pepper. For funsies.
(these three are Bells, I hope...)
1 Gloria pepper
1 Bell Boy pepper
1 Early California pepper

1 Lemon Boy (large low acid)
1 Tumble Tom (cherry sized low acid)
1 Sub Artic (early salad sized tomatoe)

I still want to get a summer squash but they didn't have any, so I will try another green house. I am also planning on getting an oregano transplant from my parents as they have a ton of it. I will pick up some seeds and whatnot later this week hopfully.