Friday, March 13, 2009

Book Review | Last Bite

Today's book is Last Bite: A Novel of Culinary Romance by Nancy Verde Barr.

This is a chick lit romance for foodies, and thus I have much love for it. Nancy Verde Barr served for years as Executive Chef to Julia Child. She's written cookbooks, but this is her only novel. Which makes me sad.

Drawing directly on Nancy's experience as an executive tv chef, her main character, Casey Costello is the behind the scenes magic worker of a morning show with the big star of the cooking world. There is much good Italian food, both in her family and in a trip to Italy. Yes, there is European adventures, plus romance, mystery, spies...what more do you need? She also has a few of the recipes mentioned in the story in the back of the book. I'll let you know if I try some of them out, my mouth was pretty much watering for the whole book.

Any of you have fiction favourites that make you hungry while reading?