Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Recipes | Pasta/Pizza Sauce

Sorry for ditching you guys again! I anticipate my life becoming normal again next week :P I've escaped my partially moved in house this week to visit my parents (because it's just been so long?). No really, the pool is shut down this week, Craig is away catching small mammals, dipping them in flourescent powder and then following their footprints around the woods at night. I'm not kidding. And I'm kinda jealous. But anyway I'm canning pasta sauce, roasted tomato soup, and pickled beets.

Want my amaaaazing pasta/pizza sauce recipe? Of course you do. I invented it last week. This makes one 5 Quart crock pot full...which is 3-4 3 cup jars. Which each make one good 2 person this recipe would serve...8-10 if you just ate it fresh.

Roast 4 or 5 sweet bell peppers. Just throw them in the BBQ until they're all charred, then throw them in a bag for a bit to steam. The skins will just flake off leaving yumminess beneath. Deseed and mince

4 cloves garlic
4 smallish shallots

Fry in olive oil with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes.
Add a splash of cooking wine at the end (white wine is yummy in it)

Throw in the crock pot with the peppers and about 1/4 wine.
Mince a 1/2 cup or more fresh basil and oregano. You can use dried, but only use a tablespoon or so.

Blanch and peel tomatoes. fill the crock pot with diced tomatoes.
Salt to taste.

Let it simmer for a few hours, we leave it overnight to the next afternoon.
If it's still soupy add a couple small cans of tomato paste halfway through.


I am doing my second and third crock pots today.