Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gardening | Gardening, In-laws,and a birthday

So the garden is almost all planted, we have tomatoes and squash and salad mix and dill ...still to come is mint and basil and more tomatoes and peppers and flowers. Then later on we'll go for the corn and carrots and peas.

Goodness that's a lot of food, I can't wait to start eating it!

Having fun with Craig's parents. They're out doing a birding tour with him this morning. We've been to Castlegar and Nelson on Friday and hopefully will go to the hot springs tomorrow. We went to the wildlife centre (where Craig works) and we saw this moose:

And she was in the process of giving birth. To twins it turns out.


And my mom had a birthday, I made her a chocolate turtle cheesecake (as requested). I've never made a baked cheesecake before and I really am going to need some practice as it was not up to my standards, very yummy though.

Yes that caramelly crumble was sposed to be a sauce, ah well.

Anyway, hopefully next week I will be getting some work done as I have a bunch of projects vying for my attention. Fingers crossed.